AlUla Design Studio

The AlUla Design Studio has been established to provide free building design advice to the local community when designing their new homes.

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Drawing inspiration from AlUla

A future architect at the Prince’s Foundation Girls School of Traditional Arts

Why was the AlUla Design Studio created?

The AlUla Design Studio was created to open development opportunities for the community as part of the urban regeneration of AlUla. Architectural design advice will be provided to citizens and their appointed architects to ensure building designs are of the necessary quality and integrate into the urban and natural landscapes of the region.

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The AlUla Design Studio

The Royal Commission for AlUla and AFALULA have worked with a team of highly skilled urban planning professionals to establish the AlUla Design Studio. This team will assess future building designs and provide guidance to architects and their clients in following the design guidelines and planning principles.

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The role of AlUla Design Studio

The role of the AlUla Design Studio is to advise on new building designs, extensions, alterations, beautifications, restorations, and conservations for different design stages such as concept development, design development, and final design.

The AlUla Design Studio team is also working with planning experts to enhance the skills of local architecture & engineering firms.

Other responsibilities of the AlUla Design Studio include:

  • Ensuring correct guideline implementation
  • Supporting landowners to improve the designs and architectural quality of buildings
  • Preserve and restore the architectural and urban design identity of AlUla
  • Improve the built environment for AlUla’s community
  • Ensuring that final designs meet the required standards to receive a building permit

How can we help you?

Architects are responsible for supporting their clients through the design process and making applications for building permits.

  • Step 1

    Receive notification from Balady of appointment by landowner

  • Step 2

    Meet with landowner to discuss their requirements

  • Step 3

    Make an appointment with AlUla Design Studio.

  • Step 4

    Request approval of designs from the AlUla Design Studio

  • Step 5

    Submit final designs and permit request in Balady

Landowners must appoint an architect via Balady in order to proceed with designing their new home and submitting a building permit request.

  • Step 1

    Appoint architect in Balady

  • Step 2

    Meet with appointed architect to discuss your requirements

  • Step 3

    Arrange meeting with the AlUla Design Studio and your architect to design your dream home

If you’re not applying for a permit or live outside of AlUla and are interested in the future of AlUla’s urban regeneration, please view our architectural design guidelines.

  • Step 1

    Download and browse the AlUla Design Studio’s architectural guidelines

  • Step 2

    Book an appointment with our team if you are interested in building a property in AlUla

Ready to meet the team?

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